Deck Machinery

Mariner deck machineries are designed in various types and drive systems. The commonly used winches are the electro hydraulic driven and direct marine electric motor driven types. For both drive systems automatic self tension types and remote controlled type winches are included in Mariner’s scope of delivery.

Different Mariner deck machinery types include; anchor windlass / mooring winches, mooring winches, aft anchor winches, chain stoppers, SPM chain stoppers, vertical capstans, towing winches, tugger winches and positioning winches. Winches with spooling devices suitable for extreme operation conditions are also available by Mariner.

Types of Deck Machineries

Anchor Windlass

Mooring Winches

Aft Anchor Winches

Chain Stopper

SPM Chain Stoppers

Vertical Capstans

Towing Winches

Tugger Winches

Positioning Winches